About Us

Parenting pulls you from one emotionally charged moment to the next.  On any given day, we feel like everything’s peachy, or that everything sucks. We feel super enthusiastic, or mind-numbingly tired. Sometimes all at once. 

It’s a strange time as you get used to your new reality and a growing human.

And that growing human is who we do it all for. If it weren’t for our deep love for those ravenous, rambunctious guys running around and destroying the house—upturning our library and frisbeeing our favorite vinyls—we’d probably say no way to the stress and move back into our starter studios. 

Maybe join a band. 

I get it. I really do. A couple years back, I was knee-deep in a consulting business. Business was growing fast. And then kapow: I had kids. Continuing to scale the work I was doing felt like it would never be conducive to the type of home and work life I wanted to have. Did everything have to be so hard? So serious? So intense? 

One day, I found myself on the sofa in my hoodie and leggings with a baby hanging from my arm, gnawing on my hoodie string—my favorite hoodie—and it hit me: 

This is too hard. I have to run away

Just kidding. It was Hoodie Chew Chew that hit me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Maybe I had an idea for a simple product that solves a simple problem for parents and big kids in a fun and lighthearted way.  Because I wasn’t about to put a pastel-colored pearl teething necklace around my neck everyday. Because it was a product that could work for moms and dads. Because bigger kids deserve a chewing solution that isn’t a pendant.  Because I could take something babies and kids chew on already, and make it better and more fun.

And I wasn’t about to watch my favorite hoodies be devoured before my very eyes, either (haven’t I given enough as a parent!?).


So, Hoodie Chew Chew was born, and here we are. Like my path through parenthood, it’s been a wild ride. Actually, the two aren’t terribly different: each day, I just try to get through, prioritize what matters, and enjoy it all as much as possible. And I’m definitely not taking off my hoodie. Hopefully, Hoodie Chew Chew makes your moments a little easier, more comfortable, more wearing your favorite hoodie.


My name is Caroline Wilson. I'm the founder of Hoodie Chew Chew and Bright Tree Kids, and VIreo Research. Thank you for visiting and learning more about our story. As always, feel free to reach out to caroline@hoodiechewchew.com.