About Us

My youngest kid was around six months when she started teething really hard. This kid was a gnawer (and a few years on, still is.) She loves to chew on everything. Hoodie strings were her favourite. And she's so cuddly. Or clingy AF. That's where the idea for Hoodie Chew Chew started.

My kid still chews on everything. And Hoodie Chew Chew has grown up the way she has.

We've all learned a lot since that first idea.

We learned why my kid still chews on everything!

About why your kid chews on everything!

About how we looked around and realized just HOW many people many fidget, chew and stim!


I started to talk to people about my idea. Was this crazy? Was it really a good idea? Who would my customers be? Could I run a company like this? Was I a kid product person? Hmmmm...

I started working on the design. I did research with parents. I did research with kids. I started looking for manufacturers. I found smart people to teach me things I didn't know, and used their expertise to support the design process. I took my silly, clingy baby to meetings. She hung out. People were (mostly) cool with it.

We had three prototypes, and eventually ended up with our star, cloud and skull. This year, we'll retire these designs. And build some new designs.

So, Hoodie Chew Chew was born, and here we are! 


My name is Caroline Wilson. I'm the founder of Hoodie Chew Chew and Bright Tree Kids, and Vireo Research. Thank you for visiting and learning more about our story. As always, feel free to reach out to caroline@hoodiechewchew.com.