Our Story...or Hoodies and Leggings and Babies, OH MAN.

Caroline Wilson

My name's Caroline Wilson, and I'm the founder of Hoodie Chew Chew and Bright Tree Kids. For over 10 years I've run a market research consultancy called Vireo Research. Once we started having kids, I realised that I couldn't keep growing a consulting firm with global clients, and be the parent I wanted to be. I wanted a product. Easier said than done, right?

It was a couple of years later when I was sitting on the sofa in my hoodie and leggings with my baby chewing on the hoodie string that I realised I had an idea. A year later, Bright Tree was incorporated, and Hoodie Chew Chew launched!

Growing a business is hard, and launching a new product is really hard. But every day is worthwhile. There's tough days, but every online order, every wholesale order, every great review, keeps us going! Thanks for visiting and learning about our story, as always feel free to reach out to


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