Your Four Must Have Fidgets and Stim Tools for Fall!

Your Four Must Have Fidgets and Stim Tools for Fall!

Welcome to our first blog post for August! Our focus this month is on inclusivity and figets and stim tools is great starting point!

There's a ton of stigma around stim tools and stimming. Thankfully it seems to be disappearing as we come to realise that different brains have different needs, and stimming is just one way we can manage those different needs. No shame. No hiding. Just love for our neurodivergent crew.

Check out our favourite fidgets and stims for fall!

Calm Strips

Calm Strips are a super simple, but super effective tool to ground, focus and fidget. They look like any old sticker, but they are actually a sensory adhesive that you can rub for a soothing sensation, or scratch or pick for a rougher feel. You can slap them on anything, a desk, laptop, or book cover. And, as a lifelong finger picker - I endorse these heavily! Calm Strips have have a great selection that you can shop here!

Hoodie Chew Chew

In the summer months, Hoodie Chew Chew gets tied on water bottles, safety helmets and even hats! But hoodie weather will be here soon enough, and we'll be hanging out exactly where you expect us to be! 

Giant Bubble Popper

How can you have missed these amazing bubble poppers! Our favourite is from MMC! It's giant, and rainbow coloured, what else do you need to keep boredom at bay?!


Wooden Fidget Puzzle

It's harder to find wooden fidgets, so we really love this wooden fidget puzzle. It's held together with an elastic string you can twist anyway you like! Also, great for a wide range of ages. Check out these ones from Tumbleweed Toys!

Wooden Top

One last wooden fidget to share. I'm not kidding when I tell you that these wooden tops from Rallye are, three years later, are still super popular with my kids. They both play with them ALL the time. The tops are quiet, calming and just a really beautifully designed fidget. We got ours from Citizen Kid!

Are there any of your favorites that we missed?! Let us know in the comments!


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