Your Autistic Brain is Beautiful.

Your Autistic Brain is Beautiful.

We've come a long way from the early days of autism diagnosis and the idea that you can "train away" autistic traits. But, there's still a lot of work to do to create safe and inclusive spaces for autistic people and acceptance for autistic traits.

Whether you've just found out you're autistic, or have known all your life, here's your reminder of all the ways your autistic brain in beautiful.

Your special interests will be a constant source of joy over your lifetime.

Maybe you have one or two special interests. Maybe more. Maybe they've stayed the same since you were a kid. Maybe they're different now. It doesn't matter. Many people will never have the focus or dedication they need to truly master the details of a subject. You do. Not only will you find people who want to hear about them. You'll find people who LOVE to hear about them. And when you don't, that's ok too, they'll bring joy to you. And that's the most important thing.

You're right - social conventions suck.

There are so many stupid rules and the more people who call that out the better. Social cues can be difficult for everyone. Social "norms" aren't normal for everyone. And the world is made better by people who's brains drive them to ask for clarity, who notice and challenge ideas that don't make sense, and are less concerned about what other people think about them. It's the core of innovation and growth and fuck the people who don't see it that way. You'll see them on the wrong side of history.

Your brain can find peace in solitude.

There's nothing weird about enjoying your own company! Or spending time decompressing your brain after an exhausting day! When you've got interests you don't share with others, or you just know what your brain needs to function. There's a huge amount of social pressure around what "fun" looks like, or what socializing should look like. You can definitely ignore it and let you brain find peace in the quiet and solitude.


Your stims, sensory exploration and the way your brain interacts with the world is beautiful.

You can feel free to stim anytime you want. The way you move, the sounds you make, are all just part of how your brain experiences and makes sense of the world. The way your brain interacts with the world makes you unique, and the connections you find, the differences you notice, can be a special talent that no one else has!

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