Your ADHD Brain is Beautiful.

Your ADHD Brain is Beautiful.

Your ADHD Brain is Beautiful.

Maybe you're just little and someone is reading this to you. Maybe you're newly diagnosed. Maybe you're just wondering why your brain seems to work differently from other people's brains. There are lots of people who know what any and all of those things feel like. Somedays it's harder to reconcile all the confusing things your brain does. Here's some thoughts to keep you going on those hard days. 

Your brain is beautiful.

Your brain loves to flow freely. To move sideways. To move up. To jump from one idea to another. And then to connect up all those places it jumped around. Not everyone's brain can do that! Or even likes to do that. Let your brain run free. Feed it with new ideas and new words and new pictures and new sounds. Give it all those wonderful things and let your brain play. You will need to learn to train it, and find ways to slow your brain down to focus on specifics when you need it to. You can learn how to do all those things in the best way for you. But the best starting point, right now, today, is to love your beautiful brain.


It's ok to love lots of things. And to move on.

You will have more ideas and interests than a lot of other people. Not all of them will stick. The world we live in values and prioritizes the end result. It doesn't place value on the journey, or the exploration. And when you start new things, people will often ask about end results and perceived proficiency. A lot of people don't even try new things, or enjoy new ideas. Give yourself permission to enjoy everything you love in the moment. And never stop trying new things - even when people suggest you're doing it "wrong" or "too much".


You are a descendent of bold explorers who changed the world.

The gene that the ADHD variant exists on is 7R. 7R is often called the explorer's gene or the adventure gene. For 8 million years, since the earliest human ancestors evolved from apes, we’ve been nomadic people, wandering the earth, chasing wild animals, and moving to wherever food was. There was always something new to see and explore. The hunter-gatherers who were willing to take risks are the ones who moved us on, and drove us forward. Be bold, just like your ancestors, and drive yourself forward. Others will come with you, sometimes. And when they don't, that's ok. You should still keep going.

You're right - the rules DO suck.

There's a lot of people and a lot of systems that need us all to just follow the rules. To believe that the structure imposed on us is the right one. We didn't evolve and develop as a species in a 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in a classroom. We learned from our family groups through play, observation, and informal instruction. Our lives are now classrooms, jobs, and other places with structured codes and rules for our behaviour. We're assessed not only by timed end result, but how we approach tasks. You need to accept a little structure, in ways that make sense for you. But more than half the rules we're expected to follow in classrooms and workplaces are arbitrary decisions based on nothing more than the preferences of a dominate group. Those rules are total bullshit and you should call them as you see 'em. 

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