The Beauty and Reason behind Kids (and Adults!) Collections and Treasures!

The Beauty and Reason behind Kids (and Adults!) Collections and Treasures!

I admit that I'm less of a collector these days, but watching my kids build collections of, pretty much everything, is one my favourite parenting experiences.

They are both lucky to have inherited some great collectables from family including little owls, gems and fossils.

But the treasures they find in every day moments are my personal favourites. We walk to and from school everyday and we always find something - a leaf, a stick, a random piece of metal, a sunglass lens...the list goes on...

So why do we collect? Here's why!

It's fun and it feels good!

Finding new things, exploring places, touching different textures, uncovering "secrets", all appeal to some key brain functions and chemicals. This is particularly true for our neurodivergent friends. Collecting, finding and building our collections, gives us lots of dopamine and lots of serotonin. And that's the good stuff that keeps us regulated and feeling just GRAND!


It's evolution!

It's been a while since we started trekking out across the plains, but we've needs our "stuff" for a while. It's how we survived, and ultimately thrived. I think I'd argue we went a little overboard on the stuff part over the past few thousand years, but our little collections are still at the core of our survival.


It makes us feel safe!

Hand in hand with our survival. These collections we build offer us a sense of security and safety. We're surrounding ourselves with the familiar, the beautiful and the reflective. 


It teaches us about ourselves!

When we're finding, searching and building these collections, we're learning not only about the world, but all the things we love, and the things that matter to us. The pandemic has certainly turned us inwards, and allowed for a lot of self-reflection (well, maybe not for all us, I'm talking to YOU, hospital protesters!). Our collections offer us that too - the eclectic pieces of the planet we've learned that we love and value, reflected right back at us. 





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