The Best Things About Being My Kids Mom

The Best Things About Being My Kids Mom

Mother's Day obviously has me and everyone talking about mom stuff, and I definitely start to reflect on what it means to be a mom, especially in the context of how we're living right now.

It's been a hard year for most, and while having kids has made it really hard plenty of times, they've also made things really good. 

Kids keep you focussed on the stuff that matters. They remind you of all of the really good stuff.'s the best things about being my kids mom...

Their Unbridled Enthusiasm is Contagious.

There's plenty of times when you're just a boring adult hanging out with kids who have endless energy, and you're just running out of it. For me, nothing works better to get me back on board than just riding their waves of pure excitement and enthusiasm for anything even mildly "fun". Water is fun! Balloons are fun! Bubbles are fun! Walmart can even be fun! Obviously this appreciation of fun doesn't extend to cleaning toys up...but we can work on that.

They have an Unending Capacity for Love.

We've all loved and do love lots of people over our life time. But I've never exclaimed my love in the joyous and unending capacity the way my kids do. I have never screamed "I LOVE YOU!!!!" across a crowded park to a new friend with no expectation of it being returned. Watching your kids just love changes your perspective completely. Love is an action word.

They are totally unfettered from societal expectations.

My kid's don't give a shit what you think about them. They have no understanding of societal expectations. Broadly anyway, they definitely want adult approval, but on their own terms. I know this time is ending for my six-year old. Soon the things her friends think will put expectations and pressure on her. Soon she'll notice that society want her to be a certain way. But now, they run and swim naked. They put together outfits that are pure fantasy and silliness. They are in one moment warrior princesses and the next magical wild beasts. They are scientists, artists, tree climbers, talkers and explorers. I spent such a long time feeling like there was no box for me that I would ever feel good in. My kids showed me that boxes suck and gave me the strength to untie myself from all that.

They Have an Appreciation for Everyday Adventures.

One of the best things about my dad, and one of the things I miss most, was his passion for every day adventures. Growing up, we found adventure everywhere. In our backyard, in a mall, on a bus, in a wide open field...wherever we were, there was always something interesting he could find for us. My kids are the same. They remind me everyday that just being alive is an adventure as long as you keep looking for those everyday adventures.

They Stop to Notice the Small Details.

Grown-ups are just all so busy. I like to think I've always noticed small flowers, lichens, moss and trees that are special to me, but kids take this to a whole other level. The pandemic really brought this home. Special sticks, a purple-tinted broken lens from some sunglasses, a snail, a mini rainbow oil slick. All of these things have value. They are worth slowing down for. Worth not rushing your kids. Worth not telling them to put the rock down. The contents of a small person's pocket after an adventure are a thing of pure beauty. Imagine a world where we all cared about those things. 

That's it! Hope you have a great Mother's Day, whatever you're doing!



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