What My Kids Have Learned from Our Bees

What My Kids Have Learned from Our Bees

My husband and I started keeping bees back in 2009 - YIKES! We've had a ton of beekeeping adventures all over Southern Ontario from having beehives in the shadow of the CN tower downtown Toronto, to rescuing a swarm of bees from a culvert at the side of a dirt road.

It's fun, but it's WORK. Lifting, hoisting, moving, sometimes sting-y work. When we had our first kid in 2015 we weren't sure how it would go...but our now two kids LOVE the bees. And we love that they love them. 

I asked my kids what they like about our bees and beekeeping...and here's what they said!

"They're little but they matter"

Once you know what a honeybee looks like (and trust me, not everyone does) you notice them everywhere. They'll rescue bees they find floating in a puddle and they'll notice bees working away on a flower. Wherever we are, they somehow notice those little pollinators and I'm so happy they can learn this lesson now.

"There is space for them and us"

We frequently have multiple beehives in our garden. There have been run-ins with bees, mostly me and my husband to be honest, but we all live and play together just fine. There's plenty of reason why bees and people belong together, not least of all the deeper understanding of our natural world and our responsibilities within it.

"You just need sunny days and flowers"

No kidding, right?! This partly why I find our garden so sad without a beehive. I get wrapped up in the complicated world of grown-ups and work a lot. There's nothing like watching some bees in the sunlight, visiting flowers and working their magic (ok, not actually magic, it's science, but you know what I mean...)

"Insects are our friends"

As an obvious insect lover, kids need to know that insects are our friends. Insects are good friends to us anyway, we're not so great to them. We're pretty focused on teaching our kids to have a good relationship with animals, but for some reason bugs don't get entered into that so much. Every animal and every insect evolved here on our planet, and has value and a role to play, and kids should know that. But sometimes is just about not swishing something smaller than you just because you can.

"You can put honey on everything"

Yes you can. And, yes, you should. Here's our now six year old about six months watching us spin and pack honey!

Our newest bees are arriving on June 12th! We'll definitely give you a little update then!

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