Underwear for kids that hate underwear!

Underwear for kids that hate underwear!

There are many mornings where I sit with my teeth clenched trying to be cool as my oldest kid tries on multiple pairs of pants, underwear and socks. It's frustrating...for both of us.

Not all days are created equal and pants and socks that are fine one day, won't be fine the next day.

Underwear has been the biggest struggle though. 

I know a lot of kids struggle with labels and seams, and those bother my kid too. But it's also the leg holes, the waistband and the crotch and gusset areas. 

After running out of brands to try with my kid, I decided to stop shopping around and ask some parents what worked for their kids, and so...here's our crowd sourced list of underwear for kids (of all genders) that hate underwear! 

Hanna Anderson

Lots of options for boys and girls underwear here. This high-waisted style worked well for dresses and shorts. A little pricey though, so I waited for a sale! (Also, I'd wear these, super cute!)

Hanes Boxer Brief

These were recommended by tons of boy moms and dads. Super affordable, and available pretty much everywhere!

H&M Boxer Briefs

Lots of different colours and characters available for these ones if you need to encourage your kids that way, and another nice affordable option.



These were mentioned by a TON of parents, and I'd never heard of them. You can grab them on Amazon for both boys and girls.


Another good bet with loads of parent recos! Also, is there ever not a sale on at Carter's?!? It's like $15 for 7 pairs right now btw...

City Threads

Another company I hadn't heard of, but honestly I feel like I saved the best for last here! No seams, solid colours, super soft, unisex and excellent, excellent quality. 

Any brands we need to know about? Let us know in the comments!

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