Top 5 Reasons Why Dads ROCK!

Top 5 Reasons Why Dads ROCK!

I want to start by saying...

I know not all dads rock, and that not everyone gets to have the experience of a great dad.

And sometimes you get to have a great dad, but you don't get a long time with him.

I had a great dad and it made my life better, but he's on the flip side now. My husband had a not so great dad, and it definitely sucked. So big hugs to you if you know what either of those feel like ❤

A great dad means lots of things to different people, but here's our favourite reasons dads ROCK.

The Sharing of Dad Hobbies and Skills

We love the dad habit of collecting random interests and hobbies, and then sharing them around. I learned a lot great skills from my dad, and my kids have learned a lot from their dad. My kids will show you how to start your seeds inside in April, plant them outside in May, and get your cucumbers growing up a trellis in June. And then they'll kick your ass at MarioKart just to put you in your place. NO ONE messes with kids who can grow their own food and beat your ass at a video game at the same time.

The Embracing of Dad Moves and Dad Jokes 

Do they give new dads a joke book when they leave the hospital? A quick dance class, maybe? WHO KNOWS?! But I love that they waste no time embracing that shit.


The Spreading the Dad Love Far and Wide

I'm thinking about those dads you know who are liberal with their dad-ing.

The ones who are always ready to go swimming, push a swing, or fix a random kid's bike in the street. ALL THE WAY to the ones who start YouTube channels and TikToks to connect people who didn't have a dad in their life with the dad experience, or push back against the dad sterotypes out there.

Special shout outs to Rob Kenney, of Dad, how do I?, and Nick Cho of Korean Dad fame.

The Dads Who Aren't Even "Actual Dads" Step-Up

To me this is a really important one. It's not the same as spreading the dad experience around - it's the dads who aren't dads who fill the gaps every day for kids who need 'em to. Sometimes you just gotta take that torch when it's passed to you and big love to all the dudes out there who grab it with both hands.


The Dad Style Hug

Slightly more all encompassing than the mom hug. Maybe a little hairier?

Have you watched Onward, yet? The ending kills me every time.

Man, I'd love one more hug from my dad.

Or to even just remember the last hug we had.

My dad was gone so fast, and I hadn't seen him for a couple of weeks before he was rushed to the hospital. But, I know we hugged this one time, and I didn't know it was going to be for the last time.

That last hug with the people we love will come to all of us.

My one piece of advice that truly comes from the heart, is to grab a hug from your dad, or dad-figure, and to imprint that one in your memory so you can always go back to it when you need it.


Let me know what you love about dads and dad-adjacent types in the comments! 

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