We launch July 12th!

We launch July 12th!

We all know that babies love to chew things. It’s how they learn about their world.

Did you know some bigger kids need to chew too? It grounds them and helps them feel comfortable and safe. It's especially important for kids who are neurodivergent.

When kids chew, stimulus input is provided to the jaw that is very comforting and organizing for our brains. The stimulus is called proprioceptive input. Basically, our bodies need to move, and our brain feels good when they do.
Hoodie Chew Chew is made from 100% medical grade silicone and wipes clean in seconds. Our minimalist packaging is made from 100% recycled card and contains zero plastic.
At $15 Hoodie Chew Chew is a perfect gift in the under $20 range for any baby or kid who needs to chew.

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