The Embarrassing and Exhilarating Entrepreneur Moments

The Embarrassing and Exhilarating Entrepreneur Moments

There's a lot of ups and downs to the entrepreneur life. 

Learning to ride those waves while still staying on course has been where most of my learning moments have come from...

Embrace your mistakes.

Mistakes are normal, natural occurrences that sometimes happen when you try new things. Say that again to yourself next time you're replaying your most recent mistake over in your head at 3am.

You can still cringe at the thought of it, but if you find yourself freezing instead of taking action on something, ask yourself if it's because you're scared to do the wrong thing.

Free yourself from that thinking. Think about the action. Decide on the best plan and just do it, even if you think you might make a mistake somewhere in there.


Love yourself for fixing those mistakes.

Even if you planned everything the way you wanted, there's things that will go wrong. For me, that's things like missing or broken links, typos, or a missed opportunity to engage properly.

The only thing that makes me feel better about all the "mistakes" is that literally EVERYTHING is fixable in my world.

NEWSFLASH - I'm not a freaking brain surgeon! It's a small online shop! So whenever I feel like crawling into a corner filled with self-loathing over a photo without a link...I just own it, add a process, learn something and move the fuck on!

It feels good to be honest about the hard things.

For a long time, I was reluctant to admit I find was finding a lot of things hard. It felt like I was supposed to know all the stuff.

And it's hard to learn new stuff. Hard to do everything I need to in a week. Hard to understand the right thing to do. Just hard. Now I don't care. Now it feels amazing to be vulnerable and honest with others about the things that are hard for me.

It means that sometimes when I meet people who are good at those things, they'll help me!

It means realizing that other people should do those things for me!

It means making myself accountable to being better at those things sometime soon.


It feels even better to remember all the things that aren't hard anymore.

Admitting what's hard, is also just the flip side of realizing what you're really great at. And maybe most importantly, what you used to find hard...and got better at! 

It feels really good, and you deserve to feel that way!

So you haven't been honest with others, and yourself, about the things that hard for you...ten out of ten would recommend.'s just a ride.

The whole process of Hoodie Chew Chew from pre-launch to now has been a humbling and wild ride.

The thing that most sticks with me is how non-linear the journey has been. And how misaligned that is with what popular culture tells us. I hate how much toxic productivity and hustle culture has made me feel like I'm failing. 

I have lots to feel great about  - but I can still find plenty of places and spaces that will make me feel like it's not enough.

That I could be faster.

That I could do more.

Get more. UGH.

I'm a fucking mom in a pandemic with two businesses. My husband and I still laugh a lot together. My kids are loved. My house is a mess. I'm fucking enough. And so are you.


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