The Best Nursing Hoodies for Fall 2020!

The Best Nursing Hoodies for Fall 2020!

The Best Nursing Hoodies for Fall 2020!

If you're a nursing parent, there's a bunch of gear that really makes life easier. There's also a ton of stuff you don't need, btw.

But, a solid nursing pillow, and a few good nursing tops are super helpful in making those whole deal easy and comfy!

So here's the round-up of my personal favourite hoodies, all available online now.

Cadenshae - Casual Hoodie

This was my OG nursing hoodie. It's comfy, and really durable. I stopped breastfeeding well over a year ago, and I still wear it around the house sometimes. It is a pricer one for sure though. $85.99 at Cadenshae.

Momzelle - GABY Nursing Top

Momzelle is a Canadian company, and they have a ton of great nursing gear, including this one! The colour is great, it's nice and light. A lower priced one, for $58 on Momzelle.

Pokete - Five Pocket Hoodie

Technically not a nursing hoodie, but!! I wanted to include because it's a cool zip-up hoodie with a ton of pockets. You need those pockets breastfeeders! Snacks, nipple cream, pacifers, tissues, phone...the list goes on! This one is for sale right now for $75 on Pokete.

 Bun - Cozy Maternity Hoodie

If you haven't checked out this site, you're missing out. They have an amazing range of maternity and nursing gear. The fit of this hoodie is perfect. Loose where you want it to be, but a little fitted on the hips. $77 at Bun.

Latched Mama - Everyday Nursing Hoodie

Another fantastic site with a ton of maternity and nursing clothing and accessories. The price is great, and this hoodie works for both pregnancy and nursing, so you'll get your money's worth for sure! $35 at Latched Mama.

And that's it! Let us know what you think! If you have a nursing hoodie you love, let me know!

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