The Best Dad Gifts for a Very COVID Christmas!

The Best Dad Gifts for a Very COVID Christmas!

The Best Dad Gifts for a Very COVID Christmas!

All the shopping and shipping deadlines are here, so it's time to get those last few things on your list!

If you need some inspiration for the dads in your life, here's what we came up with via our highly scientific process i.e. asking some dads what they want for this very special, COVID Christmas.

Rivalry Hi Star Wars Shoes

What dad doesn't want chewbacca feet? No dad is the answer! These are so ridiculous, and if we aren't embracing our full ridiculous selves in 2020, what are we even doing at this point? These are pretty hard to find at this point, but if you know a dad who needs them, you'll find a way! Here's one site that selling new and used.

All Day Hoodie Pullover Hoodie

You OBVIOUSLY know our position on hoodies. There's a lot to choose from of course. One of our newest favourites are from All Day Hoodie. These are some very well-thought out hoodies, light-weight with a great fit. We really like this maroon pull-over style. Available at All Day Hoodie.

Hoodie Chew Chew

If the dad you're buying for also has a teething baby, may we also suggest a Hoodie Chew Chew? We're the only teether that attaches to your hoodie string - mom's get a ton of wearable teething gear, dad's not so much. Dad's need tools to look after their babies too! Available at Hoodie Chew Chew


American Barbecue Sauces

There's a lot of BBQ books out there, and it's not easy to wade through them all. It seems like plenty of dads got into the smoking and BBQing game this year. When they weren't baking bread, anyway. This gives any dad a way to up his sauce game now that they've mastered the protein part. And, if you're not a huge meat-eater, these sauces work for veggies and other meat-substitutes. Available at most online bookstores.


I Need All of It Book

Written by Petra Postert, this is one of our favourite books about dads and noticing the special moments when our kids are small. It's so stressful being a parent, and juggling everything that's expected of us. This book captures perfectly that tension between getting everything done to keep your kids clean, healthy and fed, while still finding time to notice how beautiful our lives are with our kids in them. A perfect gift for dad and kid bedtime routines. Available at online bookstores, like Barnes and Noble.

Provincial Hats from the Drake General Store

I get a lot of socks and hats from the Drake General Store. It's a go-to, and they have amazing sales too! Right now a ton of hats and socks are on sale for 50% off. We're all going to be outside a lot this winter. So, it's a great time to rep your province, or another one you just happen to love. Available here

As always, let us know what you think! Anything on your lists that you think should be on here.

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