From Babies to Big Kids...Celebrate with these Seven Sustainable Gifts

From Babies to Big Kids...Celebrate with these Seven Sustainable Gifts

From Babies to Big Kids...Celebrate with these Seven Sustainable Gifts

I'm feeling the need to get it together early this year. I think like a lot of people, I'm just ready to have something to celebrate with little kids laughing and little lights everywhere. COVIDs a freaking grind, amiright!?

I really try for a wide range of bit and pieces for our kids, fun little trinkets, some regrettable plastic crap, a couple of bigger toys, as well as clothes.

This is great year to make sure you've got some sustainable and low-waste products on your list, and here's the ones that have made ours.

Hoodie Chew Chew

We don't remind people as much as we should, but our product is made from natural silicone, and our packaging has zero plastic, and is made from 100% recycled cardboard. It's weird, because you get a lot of push back from retailers to add plastic to your packaging, and it'a deal breaker for us. So, we stay focussed on our little online shop, right here!

And there's more sustainable products coming to our store in 2021 - we're working on a line of locally sourced wooden fidgets that slide onto your hoodie string! Whaaat!? Shop our current collection here: Hoodie Chew Chew

Beya Made

All these beautiful pieces are made in Atlanta, Georgia. Laurel, the owner walked away from a career in fast fashion with one of America's best-known baby and toddler brands, when she realised she that children's clothes were being made to be disposable. Each Beya Made piece is designed to last longer by growing with your kids. Each outfit will replace SIX outfits over time. 

Shop here: Beyamade.


If you're a fan of hand me downs (who isn't!?!) but you've noticed that they don't really last that long, you're going to love Jackalo. It was founded was founded by mother, maker and long-time environmentalist Marianna Sachse. Marianna was always happy to receive hand-me-downs for her kids, but noticed that they petered out as her son grew bigger. Jackalo makes clothes strong enough for active kids that are also gentle on the environment. 

Shop here: Jackalo.

Tenderleaf Toys

Tenderleaf has been making playful, wooden toys for over twenty years. Every toy is made from a solid piece of rubberwood, a by-product of the rubber industry. There's a ton of selection from individual wooden animals for stocking stuffers, puzzles, food sets and play kitchens. We're always conscious of how new, more expensive toys fit with the other toys we already have. Our little kitchen still gets a lot of play from both our kids, and so we expand that collection when we can. This smoothie blender is already on the way to our house.

Shop here: Tenderleaf Toys.

Green Toys

Using 100% recycled materials in their US-based manufacturing plant, Green Toys offer sustainability and super safe products. All their toys and packaging are made from 100% recycled plastic and cardboard. They've recycled over 80,000,000 milk jugs recycled to date! We love their trucks and cars in particular! Perfect for sandbox and bath-time play. 

Shop here: Green Toys.

Our Planet: The One Place We All Call Home by David Attenborough

Who doesn't love David Attenborough! One of my favourite things to shop for for our kids are books. I usually start picking them out early in Fall, and then by the time Christmas is here, there's a ton! Our kids spend a lot of time outside, and we've worked to make sure they understand the connection human actions and the health of our planet. Books like this just allow us to keep those conversations going, and build a beautiful kids library collection too!

Pika Layers

Every kid needs new underwear and jammies for the holidays right?! Pika Layers are awesome. My sensory-sensitive kids are cool with these pyjamas, which isn't always the case. This is important news for you other sensory parents! Made from bamboo, super soft with a loose stretch. Try 'em! Available at Pika Layers.

Let us know your favourite low-waste, sustainable gift items this year!

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