💥 Spoiler Alert!💥 The Best Twists from Kids' Shows!

💥 Spoiler Alert!💥 The Best Twists from Kids' Shows!

Every parent has a parenting super skill. None of us hit it out of the park every day, but there's something every one of us always nails.

For me, it's my ability to get completely over-invested in the kids' TV shows they watch. Truly immersed and hyper-focused.

One thing I've obsessed about in particular is the surprising twists from the shows they love, and how much joy these twists gave my kids, and me!

Here's the ones that totally blew me away!

Nancy was in JAIL!

Big City Greens is gloriously weird and funny. It's about a family who are forced to sell their farm and move to the city. Lots of satire around city dwellers and country folk including sending up farmer's markets, Whole Foods and coffee culture. In the early episodes it's the kids, Dad, and Grandma. You don't even notice their mom's not around at first.

And then slowly the kids mention mom. Missing mom. Hoping mom will come home one day. And then one day she is home. FROM JAIL! It's a jaw dropper, but especially in a kids' show!

She wasn't around because she was locked up for taking revenge on the factory farms that took down the Green family farm. And she's so gloriously bad-ass from that moment on, she is a pure joy to watch. ❤️

It's a TREE-BUG and it can FLY!

Tumble Leaf is a beautiful claymation show in a playful island world. Each episode explains how things work from a science and engineering perspective, so things like propellors, pressure, sound waves, light and so on.

Fig the Fox is the main character with a group of friends, and a whole range of magical creatures including all sorts of hybrid creatures like hog bugs, mermaid manatees, colourful barnacles, and tree bugs.

Fig and his friends live on an old ship with a beautiful, and massive tree in the middle. The magic of the twist here is that without you even noticing all the episodes are building up to something that doesn't even occur to you.

At the beginning of the last episode, Ginko the Crab finds a magical horn. The tree in the middle of the ship is a MASSIVE tree-bug! And the horn wakes him up! And he can FLY!

Ginko has been looking for the horn every episode so he could wake up his friend. And everything the gang "figured out" along the way leads up to this point.

So the whole gang fly off to rescue Fig, Maple and Hedge, who at this point are stuck on an island. Everything comes together in the last few minutes. And, trust me, it's fucking emotional!

"You were right Fig. We had everything we needed to figure out how to be rescued this whole time. In our head."


Gruncle Stan KNEW ALL ALONG!

Gravity Falls is pretty high up on my list of best kids' shows. The first season finds Mable and Dipper getting used to living with their great-uncle, Gruncle Stan in Gravity Falls for the summer. It's pretty obvious to them that things in the town are not...normal.

And that starts right from the first episode where Mable meets a "boy" who's actually a bunch of gnomes stacked on top of each other. 

Dipper goes on to find a book written by a mystery author that details all the weirdness of the town.

Gruncle Stan meanwhile denies there's anything strange going on at all. Not only does Gruncle Stan know the town is weird as hell, he's been hiding his own work on a mysterious portal. AND he knows who wrote the books! His OWN BROTHER! Whaaat!! 


Hope you enjoyed this nerd-fest of kid show twists and let us know your own favourites!

Caroline xx

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