Shows and Movies for Your Holiday Binge Sessions

Shows and Movies for Your Holiday Binge Sessions

One of the best things for me about the holidays, in particular the time between Christmas and the New Year, is catching up on TV shows and movies, old and new. I love a good content binge this time of year - fully guilt free! kids are starting to be able to watch slightly more adult choices, which is opening up all sorts of old movie options too!

So here's what's on deck this year from totally family friendly to "Go to bed, kids!".


An overlooked Christmas movie right here! My oldest kid has watched the trailer for this a million times now, she's swears she's ready for it. We're going to give it a shot - I'll let you know how it goes! I personally can't wait to watch this movie again - I haven't seen it for years and it was a HUGE part of my childhood!

The Owl House

This show is SO GOOD! I missed a few episodes as my kids worked their way through it so the plan is a full and complete review!

The main character Luz is bi and neurodiverse, making her the first main character in a kids' show to be so. Everyone in my house is a sucker for a well-built fantasy world, and The Boiling Isles, where Luz transports, is amazing! Witch schools, cursed friends, wild creatures and an evil emperor  - I mean, come on - what else do you need!?

The Mandalorian

This could be family freindly depending your family - my kids are fairly bored by the Star Wars universe - my husband has learned to love them regardless. This one is on here as a grown-up re-watch in preparation for The Book of Boba Fett coming out on December 29th - plan your schedule accordingly!


Confession - I've already started binging this one, but I'm saving season three. I put this on casually not really expecting much...but I'm sold! It's SO much better than I was expecting - totally funny, smart and satirical with some nice twists.


While not technically a holiday movie, it feels like a holiday movie and has all the magic you need in one - Evil witches! Magical fallen stars! Romantic Heroes! A greek chorus of ghosts! Put this one on your list!


Those of the ones on our list! What about yours? Let us know in the comments!



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