Our Really Great Gift List for Real, Great Moms.

Our Really Great Gift List for Real, Great Moms.

Our Really Great Gift List for Real, Great Moms.

Maybe you're trying to find the perfect gift for a brand new mom.

Maybe you struggle every year finding something for the mom who's settled in a little more, but you feel like everything you find just doesn't quite capture who they are. Or maybe, being a mom doesn't totally define the person you're shopping for, and you just want a present a person you love, who just happens to be a great mom too.

Either way, here's our ideas for amazing unique gifts for that really great mom in your life.

Kurt Geiger Rainbow Mask 

Did you ever project into the future, and think this would be how it would be going right about now? No. Are designer masks pretentious? Yes. But, fuck it. We're all going to be wearing masks. For a while. And maybe, just maybe, a random designer mask is the kind of random indulgence you want to offer a mom this holiday season. Available at Nordstrom.



BP. Black High Rise Leggings

There is no woman alive who doesn't want a pair of comfy pants. Well, maybe the ones who already have some. But, then they probably just want more. These are like, famous leggings. Low price. Super soft. High-rise. Last forever. They're black. They literally have everything going for them. Available at Nordstrom.

ÔDE Cassiopée Lace Racerback Bra 

I'm not going to say buying underwear for a mom isn't a minefield, but only you know if you can navigate those waters. This is underwear that manages to be playful, comfy and mom-boob appropriate. There's not a lot of underwear that meet all those requirements. And, they have a sale on right now. Available at ÔDE.


Revolver Dugout

Weed is legal in Canada, and several US states now, so I'm all for taking the power back in this area. It still seems pretty taboo for a mom to admit she gets high. Only you know whether the mom on your list is an old-school stoner, or new to exploring the benefits (and fun!) of cannabis and cannabis products. If so, we love this cute little dugout. Available from Freindly Stranger.


Herschel Sleeve Print Pullover Hoodie

Going back to the comfy leggings, there's no going wrong with a hoodie right now. There's tons to choose from, obviously, so we're suggesting if this is the route you take, that you get a GOOD hoodie. We love this one from Herschel. Sleeve print is nice for a change, and how can you not love this home-spun Canadian brand? Available at Herschel.

Hoodie Chew Chew

Of course, we're adding us! We're totally unique! We're perfect for moms to new, or teething babies, and ride right along side that new hoodie and new pair of leggings. Available right here!


If we're totally out to lunch on the gift list, let us know! 

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