Printables for Sensory Seeking Kids

Printables for Sensory Seeking Kids

Welcome, friends! We'll be adding more  to our collection of FREE printables over the coming weeks!

Scissor Work Printables

Hands up if you have a kid who enjoying giving themselves a little haircut from time to time? Maybe some light tailoring to a t-shirt? (My hand is up ALL the way right now and I am NOT over finding my kid's beautiful curls on the floor in front of her.)

Cutting things is sensory seeking behaviour! The feeling of resistance on the scissors, the little pieces they can play with afterwards. It all feels good for those little sensory seekers! 

Here's our first scissor work printable for your kids to cut safely and leave their hair and clothes alone!

My Brain is Beautiful Colouring Sheets

I talk a lot to my kids about how my brain works, and how their brain works, and how to understand how other people's brains work. I spent too much of my life feeling different and wrong for how I see connections between information, approach tasks, or understand problems.

This is a super simple colour page to get kids loving their own brain however it happens to work!


We'll keep working on our printables collection and please let us know if there's anything you'd love to see in the comments below!


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