Playful and Colourful Holiday Gifts for Kids

Playful and Colourful Holiday Gifts for Kids

Playful and Colourful Holiday Gifts for Kids

My personality is resistant to the muted and minimalist tones of the 2020 mothering aesthetic. NO kid loves the rust coloured rainbow as much at the unicorn-glitter-multi-coloured rainbow, and you're not going to be able to convince me otherwise.

Childhood and parenting definitely have a colour, and it isn't freaking beige. 

Kids and bright colour feel more natural to me. Less curated, and honestly, it's less work to embrace silliness, colour and uneven edges in our lives.

Here's our favourite gifts that embrace colour and play.

Hoodie Chew Chew

I think we're pretty playful and colourful, right? We really try not to take ourselves too seriously - I mean, we're a chewable teether for your hoodie string. And if we can make some everyday moments more playful, then we did our job! 

Available here, of course!




Knitted crochet animals are definitely having a moment, and these ones from Bebemoss are pretty special. Bebemoss toys are organic, and made in Turkey by moms, mostly refugees from Syria. Most would have no other way to provide necessities for their families, or rebuild their lives in their new country. They all work in a safe, happy and kid friendly environment. Moms bring their little ones, who have their own play area. Knitters work flexible hours depending on their needs and they can even work from home, which enables them to better balance their family life. 

Available at Bebemoss.



Schleich isn't a new brand but like the crochet toys, they are definitely having a moment. These are super high quality toys, and amazing play sets. If your kids enjoy open ended play and colourful fantasy worlds these are an excellent choice! I really do try to add toys consciously, and these "fit" with so many other toys my kids have. I've seen them used in elaborate block building, train-set towns, and in the bath, so you know they are getting good use! There are also so many different options from monsters and fairies to helicopters and trucks, you can find something for any kid's interests here. Available at Schleich Toys

Modern Rascals

My kids have a lot of clothes from this online store based in Toronto. Modern Rascals has a ton of different brands from Europe that are hard to find here. And they've also recently added more toys and books to the store. Everything is full of colour and fun! My personal favourites of the brands they carry, Duns Sweden, Villervalla, Maxomarra, Holtztiger and Grimm.

Available at Modern Rascals.


Cheski Sock Company

Holiday gifts should always include socks and underwear. It's like, a rule. These brightly coloured socks for little ones are REALLY excellent. The CEO is mom, and sick of little socks that fall off, designed these to stay put on little feet. The length really helps them stay on, and if you live through cold winters like me, they keep little legs covered properly! These are a sweet little stocking stuffers, or they fill out a gift bag nicely.

Available at Cheski Sock Company.

We always want to hear from you! So if we missed any colourful additions, send them our way!



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