New Mom Survival Kit!

New Mom Survival Kit!

Mother's Day is coming!

It's a day that comes with some emotional baggage for a lot of people, not least of all moms.

So this survival kit is about treating moms right! Making the moments easier, more comfortable and treat-ful!

Here's our ideas!

A Belt Bag Type Thing

Forget bulky diaper bags - it's corona times! Mom's need their hands free and something to carry their phone, a couple of baby things, and some hand sanitizer. If Corona has taught us anything, it's that we need less than we think we do. Travel light, friends!

An Amazing Water Bottle

It's so easy to neglect your own needs when you're focussed on your kids. Even grabbing a drink can be hard to prioritize. An insulated, well-designed water bottle is such a joy. Drinking your water three hours after you last filled it, to find it's still cold?! COME ON! You know a new mom needs this.

A Good Quality Travel Mug

Similarly, you can give mom the gift of hot tea and coffee. Using a travel mug around the house is the ultimate mom-hack. No mom deserves the sadness of finding their lost coffee, cold and alone on some random shelf. You can fix this tragic mom problem!

Nutrient-Rich, Full-Fat Indulgent Snacks

Things like chocolate covered almonds, fruit and nut mix with dark chocolate, date bars, cheese, homemade granola, fruit compote and full fat greek yoghurt. It just feels good to hit something that you actually need, as well as something that feels like a treat. Looking after kids is hard - treats are important! Stock that mom's cupboard!

A Comfy Hat 

Yes, of course, we would normally lend our endorsement to hoodies as the clothing item you need to buy for a new mom, but we think hats are important too for feeling cozy, and keeping your hair out of your face, or hidden. You can go with the mom's vibe for hat type. Maybe she's more of a baseball hat vs. beanie? Don't forget you also have the hair wrap, or turban style head wrap options.

Journal Sketch Book Thing

Even a small creative outlet can be such a game changer for a mom's day! This is such a nice way to remind a mom you remember them as the creative human they are. And you're giving them a way to process feelings, capture memories and create.

That's it! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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