5 Ways to Own Your New Dad Role!

5 Ways to Own Your New Dad Role!

5 Ways to Own Your New Dad Role!

The early days when the baby comes home are so intense. Both parents are feeling the pressure, and so much of the support available is gendered. Dads are left out a lot in these early post-natal stages. Moms are busy trying to wade through their own situation, and things get lost in the mix. If you're not the one nursing, or taking the night-feedings, there's a disconnect. And, of course, not every dad has a female partner.

Dads. You're needed. Here's some thoughts on how you can stay feeling plugged in to the whole baby thing!

Get your own dad gear.

You'll see moms buying up stuff months before the baby is born, from nursing outfits, hospital gowns, little baby bits and pieces. Dad need their own dad bags! Baby life has a lot of weirdly busy downtime. You're never sitting still, but you're also hanging out at home A LOT.  So get yourself kitted out. You need the same stuff as mom. Cozy stuff for you! Baby stuff you want to play with your baby with! Books to read your baby! Obviously we suggest an amazing new hoodie AND a Hoodie Chew Chew.


Lean into some TV planning sessions.

Babies don't get to choose what's on TV - you do! So feel free to start curating some lists with your partner. And throw some video games on that list if that's your jam. You can cover a lot of ground during nighttime feeding. At one point I thought my kid might think Veronica Mars was her mom. Whatever - Veronica Mars would be a great mom. 


Figure out the equipment.

The baby takes time to figure out. But so does all the freaking equipment. Don't be surprised when you realize you can change a diaper faster than you can get the stroller folded up and in the back of the car. Dads. This is a key area. You might be spending a little less time with the baby, but you can definitely be the equipment expert. That means bottles, formula, breast feeding pillows, thermometers, the stroller...whatever. Know where all that shit is, and how to work all that shit. 

Make the appointments.

SO. MANY. APPOINTMENTS. Get the shared calendar going and get on it. There are so many visits in the first few months, doctor/midwife stuff for the most part, but it takes up time, and brain space. Knowing and making the appointments also puts you in the space of knowing what's happening at that appointment. Part of the issue new parents face is that some of the info moms have, happens organically, while dads have to catch up. You don't need to catch up if you're one actually doing it.

You're snack bitch now.

You're all going to need some snacks. And if curating TV and games isn't your thing, cool, build out a snack menu. I definitely recommend some pre-made snacks (smoothies, dried fruits and nuts, chips, cookies, scones, wraps etc.) but there's a lot of great snack recipes out there if you're so inclined. Get yourself on Pinterest and get cooking!

And that's it! Let us know your best new dad moves!

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