Music for babies that won't drive you crazy...

Music for babies that won't drive you crazy...

In those early days with a new baby in the house having music on can really help give you the vibes you need to get through those tough days, feel good, and just...keep going. 

And honestly, you've got so many years of kid music ahead of deserve to listen to music you love too!

There's another reason too.

There's a part of you that gets lost when you have kids. And a few things will bring you back and remind you of who you were (still are!). And music is one of those things ❤️

You deserve to remember the old you so you can find that you again, even if it's just for tiny moments and little fragments of songs.

Here's a wide range of real, good music that you and your kids can vibe to, whether you all need to chill, or get your bounce on! 

Lemon Jelly 

There's a few bands that are always going to remind me of the corona times, and Lemon Jelly is one of them. This is song is a particular hit with our kids. Lemon Jelly get some extra points because they've sampled a few Allman Brothers tunes, and who doesn't love an Allman Brothers guitar riff...NO ONE, that's who! 

The Avalanches

These guys almost fixed 2020 for us with their first new album in years. I don't think babies are really going to appreciate the huge tapestry of sounds that The Avalanches weave from (often long lost) samples, but you might! Babies just like all the random noises and voices. (Your baby probably doesn't need to see their videos, but that's your call)


The Sundays

Not every day, but some days, you could take me back to the late nineties and the little flat I lived in in Glasgow with two friends. I would want it to be an actual Sunday, late morning. We'd be hungover, drinking tea and the room would be full of light, and we *might* be listening to Static and Silence. It's still one of my favourite albums, and Harriet Wheeler's voice could soothe the grumpiest baby. (Full disclosure, I wanted to call one of our kids Harriet after Harriet Wheeler, but I couldn't get sign off!)


The Good Lovelies

There's a ton of really beautiful, bouncy tunes from this Toronto band! I had to choose this swing-y, bass heavy k-os cover for this post though. Babies LOVE a heavy bass line. "Walking down Yonge Street on a Friday, can't follow them, gotta do it my way..."


Elliott Brood

And now we hit peak baby bounce! Lots of clapping, lots of drumming and strumming. Sometimes the tired you're feeling as a new parent isn't going to be solved by caffeine - it's a mindset. This bluegrass-banger will get things moving for all of you.

Let us know your babies' favourite "non-baby" music in the comments!

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