Loot bags that EVERYONE will love!

Loot bags that EVERYONE will love!

Loot bags that EVERYONE will love!

It's my biggest kid's birthday today! WOOT!!

We've got a Covid-friendly drive-thru birthday in the works and kids' birthday parties on the brain!

Every year, corona virus or not, I fully overthink the loot bag items. Mostly because I don't want to send a bunch of junk home for parents to step on, and eventually throw out. I also want the loot bag items to work for kids with a range of sensory needs.

But finding those items at decent prices is hard, and a couple of bucks here and there adds up.

Over the years, there's been hits and misses, and I've been super impressed by creative ideas from parties we've been to.

Here's a round up of awesome, affordable and usable items that kids AND parents will be into. 


Seriously, what kid doesn't love a flashlight?? All you need is a blanket, and even in the daytime kids will find something to do with them. This is our loot bag for this year, as the drive thru birthday is at night. We're adding a cake pop and a bag of chips. That makes it about $4 per loot bag.



I did harmonicas for my kid's fifth birthday. These are pricier, like $4-5 bucks each, so this, plus a ring pop was the "loot". It came in a little case and my kid did cards for her friends that we taped on each. Bonus for this because we didn't need to buy bags. Minus points because the "music" will get annoying, fairly quickly. Also, good for sensory seekers, but not necessarily sensory sensitive.


Mini Easel and Canvas

A freind of ours did these for her kid's third birthday and I thought it was such a great idea. She also added a stencil as a nice touch. We still have the art both my kids made with it. Bonus points because this works for pretty much any age of kid from pretty small to pretty big. 


These were another idea I got from a friend's party, and really good if you're working on offering inclusive and sensory sensitive items that appeal to all kids brains. Another item that you don't need a bag for, just chuck a label on that and you're done.




Another ever-popular item with kids. This one I love because they are much easier to find in wood, or another natural materials. Bonus points for this one because Etsy is full of wooden stamp sellers so you can almost definitely source these from a local-ish to you seller.



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