The Five Best Kids Show Dads!

The Five Best Kids Show Dads!

The Five Best Kids Show Dads!

As a celebration of dad-ness, (and because we get way more invested in kids tv than we should) we've picked our favourite TV show dad (or dad-adjacent) characters!

Kicking it off at number 5 is...

5. Mr. Elf from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Mr. Elf's a worker - definitely from that old school "labour is honour" school of parenting. I suspect that his own father was emotionally distant, and he's worked hard to be more in touch with his own son, Ben. And I mean, come on, he can literally do anything including battling giant chickens and flying the whole family (and Holly) on vacation. Dude's a do-er and a solid role model.

He also wins most likely to set up a YouTube channel teaching the more traditional dad/elf skills. 

4. Dad Tiger from Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood


How could you not mention Dad Tiger? He's the most gentle, patient, up-on-every-progressive-parenting-trick, work-it-all-out, dad on TV!

This is the dad you want to run into in the playground when your kid bops his kid with a truck/shovel/whatever. You know this guy is going to be cool with whatever random kid behaviour pops up. 

3. Granddad Dog from Peppa Pig 

Sorry Daddy Pig, you reinforce a million annoying tropes about dads and men in general. You're not even close to making this list. But, Granddad Dog, now, he's a good guy, and solid dad-role model for Danny Dog and a lot of other kids in Peppa Town.

I love a dad/dad-adjacent character that has a little guy in tow for every activity, like towing cars, and pumping gas. I mean, that kid lives in that tow truck. Sometimes you just got to make it work, right?

I can't say I haven't noticed a weird frisson between him and Granny Pig, but that's between them, and I don't feel the need to judge relationships between consenting adults.

Mostly likely to pull Daddy Dog aside and tell him it's time to show up for his kid. I mean, FFS, we all know there's a bunch of little Danny Dogs in ports around the world.

2. Dave Seville from Alvin and The Chipmunks

This show has just recently popped up on my kids radar, and I admit, there's some aspects I don't love about it, more to do with the Chipette characters and how god damn whiny they are. But, I do love Dave, and that he's one of the few single adoptive dads in kids popular culture. And really, Alvin's a handful, so although Dave's definitely a yeller, Alvin would push even the most hard-core gentle parenting experts to their limits. 

I'm prepared to be challenged on this one because maybe encouraging the kids to pursue a music career at such a young age is slightly concerning...

1. Bandit Heeler from Bluey

This was an easy win for us, Bandit is the best! We're obsessed with this show in our house, and I mostly love how it has enhanced our kids play. 

Bandit (and Chili) and the most relatable family for us. They are obviously tired working parents and lovable kids who make mistakes, say sorry, love the outdoors, work through conflicts, and ultimately show up for each other by embracing imaginative play.

There's plenty of times I could strangle my kids (heads up kids - I don't give a shit whose random piece of plastic that is, and no, I don't feel like weighing in on it right now) but really, really, playing with them can remind anyone of the magic of childhood and how amazing those little guys are.

BTW, We're not the only ones who think Bandit is pretty amazing.

And if you haven't check out Bluey on Disney+ yet, definitely check it out.


Thanks for checking out our list! Let us know in the comments who we left off!

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