Kids Make Valentine's Day Better

Kids Make Valentine's Day Better

I can admit to not really caring about Valentine's Day up to a certain point. I mean, when I was in my teens and early twenties I cared about cards, and dinners, and boyfriends and flowers and all that stuff.

Post marriage, less so. It felt nicer to get flowers or treats for no reason. And we did that. We went away for long weekends, longer vacations, dinners whenever we wanted.

Valentine's Day always seemed forced and busy. And I'm ever the contrarian. If you're telling me to go with the crowd, or get in line, it's just not going to happen.

Kids think differently about Valentine's Day, and teach you think about love differently.

My dad died when I was 7 months pregnant with my first kid. It was fucking terrible. The hardest thing in the early days of my dad being gone, were that, for me, the world just felt like there was less love in it. And less for me personally. It's not a great feeling. Even as an adult it's hard to handle.

That feeling passed though. A new baby being around has a way of making you notice love everywhere, and in everything. In the grind of early mornings. In the wiping faces and bums. In quiet late nights. In giving of yourself and gently taking what others give you.

My kids proclaim their love loudly and for everyone. With words. With cards. With tiny presents. With kisses. With hugs. With tears.

They love their friends.

They love their teachers.

They love the trees.

They love their stuffies and their dolls.

They love rocks and leaves they find on their travels. 

One of my kids loves a cracked lens from a pair of mirrored sunglasses that has been in place on her treasure shelf for three years.

The other one loves the pieces of paper she cuts out and saves.

I look at Valentine's Day, and love, the way they do now. It's the better way. To love like they do. With full abandon.

Tomorrow won't be romantic.

We'll eat noodles because we love noodles and the lunar new year.

We'll make sugar cookie bars with icing because we love baking together.

They'll put an inedible amount of sprinkles on the sugar cookie bars because they love sprinkles.

We'll play in the snow because we love being outside together.

We'll find love the way we always do in the bright and noisy every day moments that make the world amazing.

No love lost here ❤️ 



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