Holiday Gifts for Sensory Kids

Holiday Gifts for Sensory Kids

Holiday Gifts for Sensory Kids

All sorts of kids seek out all sorts of sensory experiences for all sorts of reasons.

You'll notice kids who love to get dizzy, kids who love to push and pull, kids who touch and feel everything, kids who chew and bite. I've got a couple of sensory seeking kids at home too, so I get it.

These are are our favourite toys and tools to manage and support those sensory seeking behaviours. 

Hoodie Chew Chew

Obviously we think we're a pretty amazing sensory experience for the chew crew. It's super common for kids to find comfort and focus when they move their jaws in a rhythmic way. Hoodie Chew Chew is a cute little stocking stuffer to give kids a totally unique and safe alternative to shirts, pens and hair.

You can purchase our Cloud, Star or Skull here.

Tegu Blocks

There's a few options for magnetic building toys, and Tegu Blocks are our personal preference for our kids - aged 3 and 5 - compared to the magnetic tiles.  Their weight is super satisfying for a sensory kid, and the strong magnets and the possibilities that come with all the different add ons (wheels, grappling hooks and rocket ship parts) really fire off those sensory cylinders! Extra points because you can add to your collection over time, allowing you to be more purposeful in your purchases. It also gives you an excellent option when friends and family ask for gift suggestions.

Check out the Tegu Monster Collection, New Baby and Toddler Collection and Classic Sets.

Dough Parlour

This is the tactile sensory experience you can get on board with as a parent. Look - I love slime, and there's a ton out there - but I hate all the tiny packs of plastic that come with it. It's too much. Dough Parlour play clay is so soft it could be slime and there's no over packaging and tiny micro-plastics. I can't tell you your kids won't try and eat it, but it's such amazing play clay I think it's worth the risk because the scents are amazing! Green Apple is the best - fight me!🍏

You can grab gift sets, individual tubs, as well as bits and pieces, or go for their quarterly subscription box.

Kimboo Wobble Board

I have a 5-year old that watches TV upside down hanging off the couch. She couldn't sit still to save her life. I could spend my time telling to her sit down, and sometimes I have to. But, like a lot of kids she just needs to move! We're heading into winter and it's hard to know what it's going to be like at this point. If you're looking for a bigger present for a sensory kid, this feels like the right choice. They are also beautiful, so you're not going to regret it joining your toy collection!

We love the Original Pure.

Harkla Weighted Blanket

We couldn't leave a weighted blanked off the list, and the Harkla is our favourite. It's super soft, with four different weight options. The colours are great, and it's easy to wash. It's a total game-changer in the sleep department for kids who need a little extra help at bedtime. There's also adult versions with some different weights if you want one for yourself!

You can find the kids version here.


As always we love to hear your thoughts! If you've got some go-to gifts for the sensory seekers, let us know!

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