Glitter Sucks and Other Things Lazy Parents Know

Glitter Sucks and Other Things Lazy Parents Know

Happy National Lazy Mom's Day!

Have you seen this term? I mean, I don't really know what a lazy mom, or lazy dad is, and I sure as shit don't know any ACTUAL lazy moms. But I do know plenty of parents who feel a huge amount of guilt and torment around taking shortcuts that make their life easy.

Here's why we think lazy moms, and lazy parenting in general, is underrated and shouldn't have any feelings of guilt around it.

Snack and Picnic Dinners are THE BEST!

Kids love snack dinners! And so many dieticians and picky eating experts recommend them. Shove all the stuff on the table buffets style, and if you need to dress is up, throw an old blanket on the floor and you can make it a picnic dinner.

 Say no to messy stuff like glitter!

OK, it's not like I've NEVER bought glitter, but come's an environmental disaster and it's impossible to clean up. If it involves clean up that your kids can't help with, or that is going to take hours, why the eff would you do it?! God forbid parents get any kind of relief from the constant cleaning.


Say yes to outside play that gets cleaned up with a bath!

Mud, outside painting, chia slime, sand box, water play and all that shit is fine with me! When they're done, they get in the bath and that's it. Done. TOP TIP: Don't even worry about cleaning it up outside, you can play with it another day if you leave it!

 "Play" isn't supposed to be work

One of the worst trends I've seen is the total commoditization and idea that you can "play wrong". I keep getting served up Facebook ads that tell me that if I subscribe to a certain monthly toy delivery I can know for certain that I'm playing  playing properly with my baby. I mean, I don't have a baby, but seriously. The idea that you can play with your baby in the wrong way infers that you better do the work to make sure you're doing it right. Talk about playing on the insecurities of new parents. EWWW! NO. Your baby is fine. Play how you frigging want to. And stop being gross and making play seems like a job. PS. you don't need a fiddle fig in your play room.

You are allowed to make your life easy in whatever way you need to.

Say no more. Say yes, but you clean it up. Buy the mini packs of shit. Don't bake. Watch a shit ton of tv. Involve them in jobs you have to do - gardening, cleaning the garage, whatever. We're still in a god damn pandemic and literally every mom I think to is hanging by a teeny, tiny, thin thread, myself included. Who knows what the fall will bring. So, please, take the good vibes I'm sending you way, put a movie on for your kids and put your feet up.



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