Gifts for Baby's First Easter!

Gifts for Baby's First Easter!

Truth is...I kind of prefer Easter (and Thanksgiving!) to Christmas. I like the weather, and the food, and the lower priority on gift-giving!

It still feels like the perfect time to get some thoughtful spring bits and pieces for a new little one!

So here's our suggestions for some springtime gifts!

Rubber Boots

Whether your kid is walking or not, is there anything cuter than tiny baby boots?!? The answer is NO, there isn't. (And if you disagree you're a monster!)


Sun Hat or Bonnets

Of course, as spring and summer roll around that baby also needs a tiny, sweet sunhat! There's so many great ones in shops, but also a cruise around Etsy will find you some sweet handmade bonnets as well - possibly including bunny ears! DO IT.

Also, in case you're kids always chewed, and still chew on hat strings....Hoodie Chew Chew also slips over a hat string the way it does a hoodie string.

Hoodie Chew Chew

OBVIOUSLY we're a super cute little Easter present for any clingy, teething baby. And, while hoodie strings are just one place we hang out, don't forget we can be threaded on necklaces and hat strings in the spring and summer months!

Sensory Balls

One of the first and safest sensory experiences you can give your little one! And it will be popular for a long time!



Anything you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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