Gaming is Good and Other Reasons to Embrace Gaming Culture!

Gaming is Good and Other Reasons to Embrace Gaming Culture!

I have some pretty early memories of sucking at Donkey Kong, but being pretty awesome at Space Invaders. But it all really took off for me with Castle Wolfenstein. Thinking about that giant nazi at the end still gives me heart palpitations!

For my husband, one of his best Christmas memories from the early 80s is finding a game console he was getting, and playing with it secretly everyday for about two weeks before it was officially gifted... "MOM! DAD! YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!"


Despite how huge, and incredibly common gaming is, there's still a lot of weird stigma and misconceptions around games and gaming. We say NO! So....

Here's our top reasons why we think families should embrace gaming culture at home!

Team Problem Solving 🧠

There is a ton of research around teams and problem solving and the bonds it creates. It's literally why companies spend so much money running those things. It can be hard to recreate, or create ways to work together as a family team that still feels fun. Outdoor projects are great. There's recreational places you can go. But gaming offers the same opportunity! Hard reco for the new game Kena: Bridge of Spirits for this!

Reading and Comprehension 📚

Why does everyone forget how much reading you have to do in video games? And how much comprehension practice there is around characters and plot lines?

It's such an amazing motivator to encourage kids to practice reading and engage in stories! Some recents that have given us a ton of reading practice over here are Animal Crossing and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Love and Bonding ❤️

There are plenty of ways to hang out. There's definitely something special to me about hanging out playing games on a cold winter day with blankets and snacks.

I think every parent has a special parenting skill. I know what mine is - genuine enthusiasm and over-investment fangirl style in the stuff they love. There are so many ways to show your kids that you love them, and being interested in the shit they're interested in is a big one!

Right now, we're ALL dying to create our own Peppa characters and hang-out with Peppa and her pals. Don't try and tell me you're not!

Making Sure Your Kids Remember...🎮 

Look, when your generation INVENTED video games, sometimes you just need to remind them of that. And what better way than to beat their ass at Mariokart, until one day they beat you. Then, and only then, do you know you did your job.


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