Four Ways to Love A Neurodivergent Brain This Holiday Season

Four Ways to Love A Neurodivergent Brain This Holiday Season

Sure the holidays are lovely. They can be amazing. They can also be super stressful and overwhelming for literally anyone, but neurodiverse brains need some special support during the season of overwhelming noise, multiple events, bright lights and unwanted hugs. 

So here's our tips for neurodiverse brains of all sizes!

Take Advantage of the Seasonal Serotonin

When you're feeling overwhelmed you might not feel like you can take the time to decorate, but there's some big warm fuzzies to find with candles, fairy lights and wintery scents. Take the time you can, even if it's just ten minutes, even if it's just a small area, to create a peaceful, serotonin generating oasis! This is home base for you, or a little one who needs it. ❤️

Cancel non-joyful events 

I know it isn't easily done for everyone, but you really are allowed to relax over the holidays. If you find that you've over-booked yourself and are feeling guilty about it - well, you'll feel worse than guilt if you spend the holidays sad and burnt out. And if you have to drag an uninterested and overwhelmed kid along, no one is going to be having fun. If an activity doesn't make your, or your kids, feel at least slightly happy about going - peace out!


Prepare Phrases for Boundary Setting

Setting boundaries is H-A-R-D. And they're even harder when you aren't prepared to set them. Do you expect to deal with comments about food? Touching or hugging? Generally unsupportive comments? Decide how you'll deal with it, in advance. Keep it brief, as polite as necessary, and be ready to end the sentence with silence. You don't have to over-explain or justify your boundaries, or your kids boundaries. Be sure to prep your kids too - you can give them some tips, or just let them know to tag you in!

Prepare the Snacks!

Snacks are always important - but they can also be used strategically! And I'm not suggesting you descend into a binge-eating hell (unless you want to?) but I am suggesting you need small protein based snacks to boost dopamine, comforting treats that give you serotonin, and any food that you or your kids will eat when they don't like the other options. It's the holidays people, if your kids only eat bread, you can deal with it in 2022!


Thanks for reading, friends! Let us know how you survive the holidays!



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