Five Books that Celebrate Family Diversity!

Five Books that Celebrate Family Diversity!

My family looks like a lot of other families, with a mom and a dad and two kids. ⁠And a cat.

It's made me very conscious of showing my kids that not every family looks like ours. It important to show kids like mine, from a "traditional" family how other families might look.

It's been easy to have these conversations over books with my kids.

And, I've seen my kids use the knowledge they have about "different" families to include, and normalize the experience for kids they meet from these "different" families.

The Family Book

The Family Book celebrates all kinds of special and unique families, whether you have two moms or two dads, a family from different places or different backgrounds, or a small family, a clean family or a messy one. I like this one because it's not just about the people in the family, but how different families live.

Sometimes It's Grandmas and Grandpas

We know more than just a few kids who are growing up with their grandparents. I've watched my kids navigate this pretty easily, and I would credit the conversations we've had over this book for sure. Kids growing up with their grandparents know it's different, and it's so much more complicated based on the whys of their situation. We can definitely help by normalizing it for them.

And Tango Makes Three 

You might remember the famous male penguins who adopted their own baby penguin. I like this one for reaching beyond humans for the story about different families, and bringing a viral news story to kids in a meaningful way.

Fred Stays With Me!

The idea of separation and divorce was actually one of the harder "different" families for my kids to understand. This book was great and explaining how parents sometimes don't live in the same house, but that there are many constants for a kid travelling between two houses.

Two is Enough

There's so many single parent households out there, you'd think they would feature more in kids books at this point. We love this one that shows you can make millions of amazing memories and moments with one parent and a small family.

Those are our favourites! Let us know your favourite stories about diverse families!

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