Easter Gift Ideas for Kids Three and Up!

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids Three and Up!

Easter presents in our house are for loading up the kids with little outdoor bits and pieces that smooth the transition from winter play that is more often indoors. And we've all had more than enough of that these days!

Here's some low to mid cost ideas to get those kids outside playing!

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots hit a sweet spot for practicality, and are also greeted with genuine joy from kids. Are they the most fun footwear?? Probably. I really love these boots from Aigle. My kids normally have a few hand-me-down pairs of rubber boots, and sometimes I'll splash out (HA! 🙄 ) on a fancy pair like these ones!


We're definitely pro-bugs in our house - how can you not be when you're beekeepers?! Our kids have inherited our love for bugs as well. Connecting our kids to the tiniest creatures instills empathy and the love for nature we're going to need if our kids are going to have a planet to live on. There's a ton of different bug-catching kits to choose from, some with a lot of extra bug catching tools, but also some really lovely wooden ones on Etsy like the one below.


Hoodie Chew Chew

OBVIOUSLY we're a super cute little Easter present for all the big kid chewers out there! And, while hoodie strings are one place we hang out, our customers also thread us on necklaces and hat strings in the spring and summer months!


My kids are still trying to figure out their hulahooping techniques, it's not easy! But, man, do they love trying. And obviously their efforts are adorable. While they're working on that technique, they also use them for jumping though, jumping in and all sorts of other creative outdoor play. Bonus points for these because you can get them anywhere!



Another throwback toy, these were super popular when I was young. I know this because they are frequently referred to as retro. THANKS FOR THAT. Anyway, kids still love them. For kids who are littler, getting used to a skipping rope takes time, and these are a nice in-between toy that allow kids to get used to the movement of skipping without having to worry about the arm movements they need to get the hang of a skipping rope.



You know we're gardening fans here, and a play wheelbarrow is another free-play wonderland. I've seen a range of things being carted about from dirt, sticks and rocks to stuffies and dolls. Kids will find a million ways to play with it. Bonus being it can sub as an Easter basket and you can shove all their other little bits and pieces into it!


Anything you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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