Are we done with the bumbling dad stereotype yet?

Are we done with the bumbling dad stereotype yet?

Are we done with the bumbling dad stereotype yet?

While we were exploring mom "types" last month, we mentioned how much we loathe the hot mess mom "type". There's so many mom stereotypes it's easy to forget the dad stereotypes, with our least favourite, the Bumbling Dad.

The Bumbling Dad is probably the most annoying to me because it's one that sucks for both parents, making it totally cool to offload all the "hard" stuff back on mom. If everyone is just used to tolerating Dad's incompetence, and Mom is the only competent adult - she's the parent to the kids and the husband. You can't hold Dad accountable for not acting like an adult if he's just an idiot.

Moms are just better at some stuff, right?

Last year an ad for Philadelphia Cream Cheese was banned in the UK because it "perpetuated a harmful stereotype by suggesting that men were incapable of caring for children and were so incompetent they would place youngsters at risk."

Remember when dad nearly killed the baby! Hahaha! LOLZ! 

There's some sneaky Bumbling Dads in a range of different shows, from Daddy Pig, to Phil in Modern Family. But, so many more ads and shows have fully participating dads in them, it warms our dad-loving hearts.

Next week, we're going to run down our favourite kids show dads!


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