Binge-able Shows for Late Night Feeds

Binge-able Shows for Late Night Feeds

No joke - TV shows got me through a lot with our kids.

In the early days it was tough times with zero sleep and a lot of cluster feeding. In the end, I just zoned into a ton of great shows and made it work in my own head as best I could. 

These days, the little downtime I have is late at night, and I love watching TV that no one else likes in the quiet late night hours.

Here's our faves for all the late-night-tv-loving caregivers out there!

Veronica Mars

I missed this on TV the first time round. This show has everything you need for the high and lows of midnight baby life! Laughs! Drama! Shocking twists! Palm trees! Fluffy filler episodes combined with a darker storyline! If you haven't already binged this show - now's the time! If you have - time to re-watch that shit!

Star Wars Rebels

My (probably, horrifically offensive) take is that Rebels and Clone Wars are the best of the Star Wars universe. Rebels is set just a few years before the old Star Wars movies so builds out what was happening just before Luke gets in the picture. Super compelling, amazing writing and characters, and SPACE WHALES! Who doesn't love space whales!


This show deserved so much more popularity. It's so watchable! Admittedly it got a little weird a few seasons in, but focus on 1-3. I wish I could start every day watching the paintball episodes. So much better than yoga!


Surely we shouldn't leave off a good family drama off this list! Those late nights and early mornings sometimes deserve some dramatic feel-good moments. Parenthood totally strikes a nice balance. And Lauren Graham! Mae Whitman! Erika Christensen! 

 Rick and Morty

I was definitely late to the Rick and Morty party, but I made up for it and zoomed through that show. You might laugh a little too much for late baby-focussed nights, so take it easy to start off with. And if you only watch one episode, it should be Meeseeks and Destroy.


That's it! Let us know what other shows we should put on our list!

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