The Bad-Ass Princesses Kids (and Parents) Need Right Now

The Bad-Ass Princesses Kids (and Parents) Need Right Now

I have a complicated relationship with princesses. I think there's ton of positive aspects to the princess characters my kids connect with. I just find it to be all a little...traditional? There isn't a ton of body diversity. Being pretty is still pretty important. There's no getting away from it, the more old-school princesses don't fill me with joy and hope for future generations.

But, I've realised that there are lots of lessons around leadership and resiliency. I mean, shit, how many of those poor girls have been victimized and locked away for years on end. None of them seem too worse for wear. Pretty impressive for someone like Cinderella, or Rapunzel...

I've noticed that when my kids include a princess in their games she's usually a warrior princess, or a fairy princess, or even better...a queen running her kingdom.

And now that I'm being more open-minded about it, there's ton of kick-ass princesses that I love. These are all princess role models we can get behind!

Princess Star Butterfly

Star vs The Forces of Evil is my number one favourite princess show. Star Butterfly is as non-traditional as it gets. Extra points for the show having one of the best theme songs to ANY show.

"It's gonna get a little weird,
Gonna get a little wild.
I ain't from 'round here,
I'm from another dimension..."


Princess Merida

Merida from Brave was really the first real mold-breaking mainstream princess. She's a legit bad-ass with that bow and attitude. And this stupid scene below makes me stupid ugly cry EVERY stupid time I watch it. Remember, only the very bravest can drink from the Fire Falls, friends.


Princess Poppy

I'll turn up for anything Anna Kendrick does (reminder, go watch her Newcastle Brown commercial if you haven't watched it in the past week.) Princess Poppy is obviously her best role. This is a bad-ass princess who's totally there for friends, wrapped up in a super-cheery-all-dancing-all-singing-package. Who can't get on board with that?!



Princess Vanellope von Schweetz

I have a soft spot for Vanellope, especially since my kid went as her for Halloween a couple of years ago. Princesses who can race cars and love a good fart joke are a win in my books.

Princess Leia Organa

Actually, that's General Organa to you, but she's not only still a princess. She's the OG bad-ass princess. It's a good time to be a Star Wars fan. Our youngest has been on board with Star Wars for a while, but the oldest took longer to convince. Now everyone's on the same page, we've all started diving into all the different (age appropriate) Star Wars shows and movies. There's a lot of amazing female characters, but Leia is always going to be number one.

Let us know you and your kids favourite bad-ass princesses in the comments!

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