Happy Awkward Moments Day....brought to you by...my children

Happy Awkward Moments Day....brought to you by...my children

Happy Awkward Moment Day!

I've enjoyed many awkward moments over the years that play out in my head regularly when I wake at 3am. 

And now, instead of struggling with awkward moments in person, now I get to have them on Zoom!

A nice Zoom bonus is that some of those meetings are recorded. So I don't have to imagine them! I could just watch the recording again, and again, and again....

Anyway...my kids have treated me to TWO extra special awkward moments recently.

So, I thought I'd share them with you!

"Mum! That lady is fat, right? Mum! Mum! Right?"

This was my youngest. We were waiting outside for food from a fast food place. I'd parked. The young woman who came to deliver us our food, heard at least part of what my three year old was yelling from the back. It was most definitely awkward.

I have never talked to my kids about their bodies other than to compliment how strong or healthy they are. I do not talk about my own body, or how I eat food to my children, other than to say I'm happy my body is strong and that food is delicious, nutritious and fun to grow and cook. My kids don't know that fat is "bad". It just...is. Same as thin, strong, tall, short etc.

I had no time to talk to the lady working, or really address what my kid said. I wish I'd had time to say the following...

Yes, Youngest Child, that lady is "technically" fat by most societal standards.

I myself have been considered fat both as a child, a teen and an adult. Not only by strangers, but by family members who felt like that it was ok to comment on my body. It was, and is still, hurtful to me.

Not because you should be sad about being fat - YOU SHOULDN'T! But because at a super young age I was aware that what I looked was equal, if not more important, than all my other qualities. And what I looked like wasn't good enough.

This person might not be happy to be fat. She might be totally, super happy to be fat. She might not even feel fat at all. We don't know! And it's none of our business.

In summary, let's make sure that we embrace people as a whole and not comment on their physical appearance because it's not the most important thing about any of us.

I wish we had time to find out something that is important about this woman, like what her favourite book is, or what she likes about her job. But, we don't. So, we're just going to say, thank-you so much for bringing out our food to us. We appreciate how hard it has been to be a frontline worker during this time. We hope you have an amazing day!

Obviously, I didn't have anytime to say all of that. That's the thing about awkward moments. They are just moments. But man, I wish I could have said more than just thanks and smiling at her as she walked away.


"And then Mum said, stop trimming your hairy balls!" (via Zoom)

So, let me give you the background on this one. Youngest Child likes to cut things, A LOT. Paper, shirts, hair, etc.

Youngest Child had taken to cutting off the fuzz on those little craft pom-poms (see below.) The fuzz is going everywhere. Is this really necessary? Surely we could cut something else. No. Youngest Child and myself begin to have an intense debate regarding whether or not we should be trimming these hairy balls - her words! NOT MINE.

We finally agree to some boundaries around the hairy ball trimming. We move on. I go to my husband, and laugh about the fact that Youngest Child and I have been discussing trimming hairy balls. This was not something I expected to be discussing. ENTER OLDEST CHILD. 

She wants to know what we're laughing at. She overhears the trimming of hairy balls. I said, it's just funny. Oldest Child is familiar with the term balls for testicles. But she doesn't really understand why we found it funny. Conversation ends.


Later that week, during online school, I hear Oldest Child recount the tale to her teacher and all her classmates. Not the full story, just the big completely without context, final statement. The awkward silence on the Zoom call was DEAFENING. I said...nothing...how do even begin to explain it?!?

Oldest Child's teacher moves on.


So there you have it! My two most recent awkward moments from my kids! We'd love to hear your favourite awkward moments from your own kids!

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