All the shit I no longer give a shit about.

All the shit I no longer give a shit about.

All the shit I no longer give a shit about.

We're just in it at this point, right? Like, it's all just happening. It's been over four months now since we've had any form of a childcare. It's me or my husband, and that's it. He has a full time job, and I have Hoodie Chew Chew and Vireo.

Things are simultaneously amazing, and not amazing, at all. Everything just feels SO MUCH. And a feeling I can handle feeling a lot of right now, is joy. Lots of it. So I have to make room for it. Room to enjoy slow moments; picking flowers, bike rides, baking, lake swimming, sandbox-ing, colouring, get it.

That means the work stuff, house stuff is all at bare minimum. High-priority, high-yield shit only. I'm assuming that my bare minimum is different from your bare minimum, and I can live with that. We all have different stuff that drives us crazy, and stuff we can deal with. Here's all the shit I no longer care about. Even a little bit!

"Breakfast" Foods

My kid has had ice-cream for breakfast almost everyday since mid-March. OVER IT. It's dairy - I'm pretty sure it's got some protein of some kind in it? She puts fruit on it, and occasionally it's got a pancake with it. Just eating SOMETHING without it being a big deal is all the reward I need.

Kid Bedrooms

This is an actual photo of my kids bedroom. It's looked like this since early May. I change the sheets in here, and THAT'S IT. This room is fucking Vegas. What happens here, stays here. If you think that for some reason that you should mention to me, out of guilt, about the juice you spilled on the floor. Forget it. You're only telling me that to make yourself feel better, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you. We're not going to counselling - EVERYTHING IS FINE. Go confess to Dad. SPOILER: He won't care either.



We were never no juice parents, but it was pretty limited. When your mom let's you drink pop every day of the 80s, you're going to grow up with some teeth concerns.

But, if we're going to ride bikes for three hours they just have to be hydrated. I AM NOT going to hospital with a urinary tract infection right now. "Do you want a juice box?" is like a magical spell that casts a fugue over them, including a recently cast, I-am-nearly-three Beserker spell. And, c'mon, you get two sets of teeth for a reason - these ones are the trial run ones.

Socks and Underwear

One of my kids is sensory seeking, and one of my kids is sensory sensitive. The sensory sensitive one loses it about socks, underwear, seams etc. The last thing I'm going to argue about with my kid when we're going to be hanging outside in our backyard, or watching a movie, is what's she wearing. I've got enough stuff to debate with the two of them, this is not an area I'm going to add to the list. If they actually go back to school in September (please god, let them go back in September) I'll add that to the list of formerly normal-currently strange things we're going to have to get used to again.

TV Time


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