5 Things You Should Get Your Hands on Second Hand!

5 Things You Should Get Your Hands on Second Hand!

There's still way to much stigma around second hand everything, let alone second hand kids stuff!

There are a few things that I ALWAYS try to buy second-hand from local thrift stores or buy-and-sell groups. Here's our faves!

Free Play Animals and Dinosaurs

Of course, I love Schleich, and we have a few of those sets for sure. They're great, but seriously, they don't get played with more than the 70s style dinosaurs we got a giant bag of in Value Village. They clean up super easy, you get a wide selection in grab bags, and they're usually about $3-$5 bucks for a bag of 8-10.


Winter Gloves and Hats

This one is my favourite winter parenting hacks. Like most families, we're busy and the last thing I'm interested in dealing with is trying to find someone's gloves when it's -20C. We keep our house "well-stocked" with hats, mitts and gloves we get second hand. It makes it much easier to have a few to choose from, and I can handle lost $3 mittens way better than lost $25 mittens! 



I'm STILL stoked about grabbing the entire Harry Potter series from a Buy and Sell Group a month ago! Once your kids are into chapter books and series, prices really go up! We use the library a lot, but it's harder with COVID of course, and some books you just want to read over and over.

Kids Room Decor

I totally accept that my kid's room's might not be everyone's bag. At least 70% of the stuff in there is second hand. Old furniture from family members, garage sale finds and the Value Village home decor and soft furnishing areas. I love that my kids' rooms feel like a place of treasures and past adventures, and that they look like they decorated their room, not an IG influencer.

Bulky or Moulded Plastic Doll Houses

I'm thinking specifically in this case about a $5 GIANT Dora the Explorer Casa that we purchased that is still played with more than an extremely expensive wooden castle we also own. You'll pay over $100 for any of those big house type toys straight out of the box and it's ridiculous. If you can avoid items like that, cool, if not, second hand is the way to go!

Let us know the things you love to buy second hand in the comments!

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