👻 Why Sensory Seekers Love to Be Scared!👻

👻 Why Sensory Seekers Love to Be Scared!👻

If you are a sensory seeker, or live with one, you might have noticed they're always on the look out for thrill-seeking experiences.

I have several in my house and it can be challenging to balance a desire to be scared, without them waking me up every night for month because they found out about Chucky (TRUE STORY!).

Some brains just LOVE to feel the fear!

This is why!

Fear Releases Dopamine.

One of the main hormones released during scary and
thrilling activities is dopamine. ADHD brains in particular crave dopamine because they often don't have enough of it. So people with those brains really enjoy the kick they get from  thrilling, scary, and risky situations.

The Self-Esteem Boost.

Making it through the experience also provides a sense of completion and confidence at the end of the experience. A release and self-esteem boost that they can handle an unpredictable experience!


Curiosity and Imagination

For most of us, real genuine fear or darkness isn't something we experience all that often. From a pretty young age, kids are shown hints of a "dark side" to our world through all sorts of media. This darkness and other worldly experience offer a rich playground to imagine different situations and different personas for themselves that wouldn't ever play out in real life. Exploring this helps us make sense of these different parts of our world, good, bad and SCARY!

Bonding and Closeness

Being scared together and making it through to the other side of it is a bonding experience! From watching scary movies together, or getting freaked out in the dark creates intense feelings and memories that create bonds.


If you're from a family of thrill-seekers these might already be familiar! Let us know about all the other benefits you've found from being scared!

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