5 Star Review

"My daughter oral sensory seeks she is unable to verbally communicate her needs so most of the time it is a guessing game. We have been using this to minimize biting herself, it is working really well. It is sturdy and big enough she won't choke." - Carli B

5 Star Review

"These little teethers are great! Such a wonderful idea! Both of my kids love them!" - Lauren B

5 Star Review

"Bought for my granddaughter. She loves chewing on it and tying it onto mommy's hoodie keeps it off the floor." - Hilda D

5 Star Review

"Loved this product. My child has sensory issues and he loves this to chew on. It is also a bit more discrete hanging on a hoodie than it has been using pacifier clips for chewies, especially important as he gets older."

5 Star Review

"The star is perfect for babywearing with or without a hoodie. When it's not on a hoodie, it's attached to the soft shoelace that came with the packaging. I want a heart one too."

Do you live in your hoodies? Does your kid love to chew? We’re here for you.

Your kids definitely call the shots. But your hoodies?

Those are sacred.

Hoodie Chew Chew is a simple teether that easily threads through most hoodie strings. A skull and a star. A puff of cloud. A completely unique chewable teether for hoodie parents, because parenting is hard. You should at least be comfortable.


Because kids get bored. Kids experience anxiety. Kids have special sensory needs.

Oral fixations go beyond just teething babies. Hoodie Chew Chew provides relief for big kids and adults with sensory needs, ticks, autism, ADD/ADHD, and more. So the next time your big kid needs something new for their sensory tool kit —that teething, special need, or anxiety relief—they can get it safely without reaching for an inky pen, a sleeve, nails, hair, or the strings on their favorite hoodie.

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